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    Default Here's my plea

    Quote Originally Posted by OlBlu View Post
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    Of course he did. They couldn't keep them both and Irsay was going to drop everyone off that roster he could. Don't you get it that there are more than a few of us who HATE Luck for forcing Peyton to finish his career elsewhere. We are never going to like this guy no matter what he accomplishes.... To all of us, he is they guy Irsay dropped Peyton Manning for and that will never be forgiven...
    There it is folks. He admits it. He just flat out hates Luck. He has said that he wants Luck to succeed but clearly that is crap and a lie. I have time for trolls, trolls can be fun. I don't have time for someone who will just hate hate hate for no reason.

    So please, I've had as much fun with him as the next guy, but it's about to kill the Colts board. It is sucking all the fun out of watching Luck. I got what I really wanted from him. An admission that he is just a bitter man who hates Andrew Luck for no reason. So leave him to his devices.

    Ignore him, block him, whatever.

    Just let's let it be at this point. We are not going to get anywhere with someone who is consumed with blind hate. I don't care whether he continues to post or not. I won't be reading or responding to anything this guy says again.

    Go Colts

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