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    Quote Originally Posted by mattie View Post
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    Ugh. Do not slander my friends name. Management at Fox and the Hound was NOT the problem.

    The party arrangements originally had a specific room reserved. We were moved too a different room because another group actually PAID to have the room we wanted. Considering that every bar in the country has people have reservations and then NEVER show up, when someone actually pays, they get preferential treatment.

    Considering the new room they moved us too had enough room to seat all of us, neither I nor the management figured this would be a problem. It was. This is MY FAULT. So if anyone is upset we were moved, make sure you're clear that I'm the *******, dickhead, or whatever insult is necessary to describe me. (I should have let everyone know the location had been moved to a different room so new arrangements could be made).

    After a server was given trouble, (despite her job being nothing more than a server) despite free food already having been given to the group, and after the group was finally moved once again I believe management was more than accommodating.

    Now, the location is not what you guys want so in the future we can find a much better location, so this is all simply water under the bridge. Who cares.

    But let's be clear- Management at Fox and the Hound, which hosts parties for hundreds of sports fanatics all year long without ANY complaints, did all that was necessary to please the wishes of the party.

    Anywho- all that matters is everyone had a great time, and it sounds like all did, so the next time we'll just make sure we don't go to Fox! Cheers!
    Thanks for setting this up. I can't complain about anything (too old for that!) If I'm in town when any of the future get togethers are held I will try to attend.

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