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Thread: Odd Thoughts: First home pre-season game of 2012/13 season...

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    Default Re: Odd Thoughts: First home pre-season game of 2012/13 season...

    Here's the more interesting thing:

    Last year's rotation guys (2011-2012 vs. 2012-2013):

    Collison: $1,500,000 / $2,300,000
    Jones: $2,700,000 / $2,900,000
    Barbosa: $7,600,000 / ~$2,000,000
    Hansbrough: $2,100,000 / $3,000,000
    Amundsen: $2,400,000 / $1,000,000

    Total: ~16.3m / ~$11.0m

    This year's (likely) rotation guys:

    Augustin: $3,500,000
    Young: ~$1,000,000
    Green: $3,500,000
    Hansbrough: $3,000,000
    Mahinmi: $4,000,000

    Total: ~15.0m

    They were forced to move away from some of those contracts last year in order to upgrade the rotation. There's no question in my mind that they did, with a smaller total spend. One could easily argue that there was no way in hell that Barbosa would have fetched that from us this year, but the point still remains that there's more talent in the rotation 6-10 for less total spend.

    Those savings shifted up into the starting five. The one big concern for me is whether Hill survives here as a starter. If he doesn't succeed at the point, then he'll have to be traded, or moved to the 2... which means that we move on from either Granger or George.
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