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Thread: Pre-season game 2: MIN @ IND 12/10/2012

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    Young is almost guaranteed to make the team because of Danny's injury. Without Young, if Danny is hobbled we only have Green and Paul George to man the 3. And that creates issues at the 2. So we need Young to be our third 3.
    This would be a good example of a reason for Young to make the team. If Danny is hurt enough not to play. Or the Pacers could keep the 15th spot open and get a guy if and when Danny can't play. I would guess it depends on Lance and/or OJ's ability to take rotation minutes. So far, Young has not shown any reason to keep him other than as an emergency.

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    I'm excited for Gerald Green, and Mahimni is intriguing as well.
    "We've got to be very clear about this. We don't want our players hanging around with murderers," said Larry Bird, Pacers president.

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