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    Default about streams and such

    Some posters new, some posters old, you all decided that PD is the new Piratebay of basketball and that our rules mean nothing.
    let me clarify this a little bit; some of the above are now balancing on the thin edge of a permanent ban, orthers on the same for a 30 day one.
    We don't put rules in place because we are idiots, if you think that, you're in the wrong place.

    Anyone even hinting at it will be banned the second i see it, and personally I don't give a toss what you all think of that.
    I am not prepared to get into legal trouble for hosting a site where the people are so egoistic that they "need" to get me into that kind of trouble.

    NO hints at PM's no hints at links no questions no nothing, if you want to see a stream of the game, pay NBA league pass Broadband and enjoy a perfect stream for reasonable cost, and a lot less than what i would pay if they arrested me next time around i visit Indy.

    Play nice, admins can be a lot rougher than they are, and I am not in the mood to lose all i work so hard for because you need to break the law and get me into trouble.
    If you don't like it, change it with your vote in whatever election comes around in your country, not by electing to get my arse thrown in jail.

    Have a nice day
    (and i mean that)
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

    If you've done 6 impossible things today?
    Then why not have Breakfast at Milliways!

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