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Thread: The all new 2012/13 Area 55, G2 Zone & PTO thread....

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    Salutations, 55ers!

    OK. I don’t really have much to say. The Heat now lead the series 3-2. If we win tonight, however, the series goes to 3-3. Then it’ll be gut-check time in Miami. Guess who the pressure will drop on then? It won’t be on us.

    Nope, this thing isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot. What’s more, I’m even predicting a decisive Pacers win.


    All year our guys have responded real well after a loss. We usually learn from our miscues and bounce back big time. I don’t see why tonight’s game – being as important as it is – should be any different.

    Second, the NBA, belatedly, has tossed “The Birdman” for his blindside assault on Tyler Hansbrough in Game 5. The Flagrant One that the Striped Ones charitably awarded him for that has since been upgraded to a thoroughly merited Flagrant Two. The Birdman’s wings will be clipped and, instead of being the “Free Bird” his neck tat-ware extols he’ll be left to defecate in his cage during tonight’s game. Oh, and BTW, the technical that the refs gave TH as a consequence of Birdman’s violence in Game 5 has been rescinded. That doesn’t mean much now, but at least Tyler won’t have to pay the mandatory fine that ordinarily goes with any NBA technical foul. With Birdman out, that means that when Chris “Avatar” Bosh gets in his typical foul trouble, the Heat won’t have anybody capable to spell him. Result: More rebounds for us.

    Oh, and I might mention this: In case you had any lingering doubts about the general lack of class that has come to characterize the Miami Heat, there’s this little gem: The Heat team actually awarded Birdman the ball from Game 5 as a reward for his cheap shot on Hansbrough. This is more of the same hubris, in-your-face arrogance and general sense of impunity that accompanies just about everything that is Miami. My guess is the Pacers will remember this deliberate insult tonight.

    We need to remember it too, 55ers. Respond accordingly.

    Thirdly, we’re at home again. This is our turf. Our fortress. Our Temple of Doom. We’re really good in BLF. Funny things happen here to foreign invaders too. In his last visit, LeBron got Teed up and accumulated 6 common fouls. You’d never see that occur in Miami or really anywhere else. I like to think our chanting, the Gold Out, and all the focused crowd noise that was present in Game 4 had something to do with the atmospherics that so frustrated LeBron and made him look so less regal and kingly.

    Let’s see to it that this gets reprised tonight.

    Finally, some of the Pacers – notably George Hill and Lance Stephenson - have a lot to prove. I look for both of them to be in full attack mode and have really big games. Their play in Game 5 was a big aberration. Watch them respond to the challenge tonight.

    Nope, this isn’t over yet by any means. If I didn’t hate the Heat so much, I’d almost pity them for what is going to happen to them tonight.

    Let’s bring it again big time, Area 55! Let’s help make sure this thing goes 7 games.

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