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    So I gots an HDMI problem. When I plug my laptop into the TV the sound and picture and all are fine, but I lose a lot of real estate along the edges of the screen. The picture's too big for the TV, half the Windows toolbar is below the screen, a good portion of the first row of desktop icons are off the edge, I can't see the open/close/restore buttons when I have a window maximized.

    I've tried changing the resolution and it's the same thing, just at a different resolution. Anyone know what's up?

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    Does your laptop have a dedicated graphics program where you can tweak the resolution (instead of using Windows' to do it)? If your graphics 'card' is a Radeon for example you should have a program called Catalyst. That should give you more room to tweak settings.
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    I fixed it. My TV resolution was still on the setting I use for my standard def DVD player to maximize the screen, changed it and it's all good.

    I'm also an idiot.

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