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Thread: Dealership abuses car, then tries to sell the guy a new one

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    Default Dealership abuses car, then tries to sell the guy a new one

    I'm just going to say it up front. I would lose my damn mind. I'd probably go to jail, and I'd accept that. I would probably drive my car in anger through the front of their building and crash into their display cars or something. I don't know, but I do know I would lose my cool.

    They basically go hot rodding in this guys car, tear it up and then try to defraud the warranty program and the owner of the car to cover their ***. The guy left a tape recorder in his car because they damaged his car at that dealership once before but he couldn't prove it, so nothing was done.

    This time he proved it, and instead of agreeing to fix it and go out of their way to kiss his *** (which they should), they told him they'd either A) fix it for free (duh?), or B) he could trade it in towards a new car. Really? As soon as the idea of this place benefiting from this popped up I would probably resort to punches being thrown. I would be absolutely livid. I would be so pissed off I'm not even sure just "fixing it" would appease me. I would probably want them to buy the car back at full cost and cut ties with them. Period. Anything less is unacceptable.

    I have to put my new Mitsubishi Lancer in the dealership for a warranty issue next week, makes me wonder if I should put a tape recorder in my car.

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