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Thread: Random rant - What would it take to get the Pacers back on Broadcast TV?

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    Angry Random rant - What would it take to get the Pacers back on Broadcast TV?

    I know everyone blames the brawl for the local disinterest the Pacers have seen over the last few years, but I've always felt that the move from channel 4 to FoxSports was just as much to blame. To me it seems that you are cutting yourself off from a large portion of the fanbase. In fact, it is the portion that usually gets more excited about local sports. I've always hoped they would suddenly figure all this out and reverse course so I could cut $100 a month out of my budget. As far as I can tell, there is nothing on cable TV currently that I would really miss except for the Pacers games.

    Can someone explain what made them make this decision in the first place and, more importantly, what it would take to get them to change back? I understand that cable networks are able to throw more money around, but it would seem that the overall impact on the franchise would negate that.

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