Hey all, I've got a question for any Pacers fans in the Fort Wayne market.

I live south of FW about 15 miles, but my satellite package is based out of Fort Wayne. I had Dish for several years and got the majority of the Pacer games, although not many in HD. Last September I switched to DirecTV, which has been great. Well, except for the fact that all of the sudden Pacer games were blacked out. I ended up getting League Pass anyway, so I was able to watch all the games on FSI. However, I'm not planning on renewing LP this season, and I'm wondering if I'll run into more issues with Dish.

When I called last year, they assured me that I was in the viewing area. When the games were blacked out, they couldn't figure out why and ended up telling me the only way I could get the games was with LP.

Anyone in Fort Wayne have DirecTV and are able to get the games? I'm really hoping that I don't run into this again...