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Do you ever wonder if the Pacers do actually see Paul George as more of a 3 instead of a 2 if maybe they just move Danny to the 4?

In today's NBA Danny at the 4 would be more than capable vs. most teams.

If so the team may be ok letting West walk if the money is not right & either signing another guard or re-signing D.J. Augistine to play along side Hill.

Danny matches up very well vs. a lot of 4's anyway and as he gets older he may progress to that position.
Especially when you look at lineups that Eastern Playoff teams throw out.

Miami plays LeBron at the 4, Danny has to guard him.
The Knicks (Stretch to call them a playoff team, haha) play Melo at the 4.
The Celtics will at times play Pierce at the 4, with Rondo/Bradley/Lee in the backcourt.
the Bulls at times pushed Deng up to the 4, although I doubt they'd do that now with Rose out.
The Sixers often played a 3 at the 4.

Not a terrible thought, but I'm not saying I'm in favor of watching West walk.

Really though, threads like these with the obnoxious fighting/sarcasm make it difficult to enjoy coming to this site, especially during the offseason. No one is willing to admit they are wrong, or even that the other person is right. vnzla often makes quality points, but does so in a manner that is offensive to many other posters and doesn't foster further conversation and discussion. Then people respond by being offensive to vn, and the cycle goes on and on.

It's too bad, really.