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Thread: IndyStar: Pacers take smash-mouth basketball to another level

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    Default Re: IndyStar: Pacers take smash-mouth basketball to another level

    Quote Originally Posted by Peck View Post
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    Had Frank just said "we're going to play inside out, look to take good shots and play hard every play" then your point would be more valid, but he chose to give it a name.
    So did Wooden. He called it "Fundamental" basketball IIRC.

    And I don't think guys like Wooden or Knight would tolerate stuff like Danny getting in Lebron's face. I mean as a fan I can get fired up and take that emotional ride with him, but at the same time if Danny just gave Lebron the Jordan, took the play to the other end of the court and just beat him, that would say "tough" a lot more than some barking.

    Barking back is the ground floor of standing up for yourself. Ignoring the bark and then biting when it counts is the penthouse.

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