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If it is just backcourt, I agree it is probably Boston but only if we're counting Harden as the main SG instead of Sefolosha.
In a Rondo/Bradley vs. Westbrook/Thabo duel, I'd argue that the Boston side has the best two defenders.
And they also compliment each other very well in terms of defensive styles. Rondo/Bradley only defensive weakness is size vs. Kobe types, but that's where Courtney Lee comes in.
If we are talking about backcourt as 1-2 rotation, Boston is just something else.


Anyway, earlier i made my list thinking of 'backcourt' as guards, too.

If it's 1-2-3, Miami wins.
Though if you consider depth/full rotation, you can make a very strong case for Boston too. Boston has 4-5 very solid perimeter defenders, some of them elite.

#1 Miami
#2 Boston
#3 Denver
#4 probably Memphis
#5... still a lot of options, but I'm leaning the Clippers in this case. They can now throw CP3-Barnes-Grant Hill at teams when they need stops, and that's good.

The next 5 in no order:
Detroit, here's hoping that Knight takes another step, Stuckey stays healthy and Prince stays where he was last year.
Portland. Matthews is pretty awesome. Batum is solid. I've no idea about Lillard, I haven't seen him.
San Antonio. Manu+Leonard=good. Tony Parker is ok.
Nets. DWill has to step up. Wallace and Johnson have to stop declining. But I would give them benefit of the doubt for this season.