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    Thought I'd start a thread just for 2K13, as I'm sure there are many of us who play and didn't want to clog up the Video Game thread with 2K stuff when other people might not care to read page after page on 2k.

    After looking at the ratings of the Pacers, I did edit a couple of guys.

    1. PG to an overall 80 and changed his height to 6'9". I increased his potential to a 99. Did anyone else feel they have his speed and quickness much too low? He's likely the slowest 2-guard in the game. The same guy that defended Rose. No, I increased his speed to around 87 and quickness to a 90. Dwayne Wade by comparison is like a 92 speed, so I feel an 87 is more than fair. I'm sure Rose has like a 99speed.

    2. Hibbert to an overall 81 - Just increased his defensive rebounding to an 80, barest of increases to speed, boosted his injury rating. Dude hasn't been hurt, so I jacked it up to a 90.

    3. Lance to an overall 65. Royce White has a passing rating of 75 and Lance is around 40. WTF. I increased Lance's passing to 80. Increased several other areas that I felt were necessary, pumped potential to 90. 65 is about right IMO, certainly not high, but somewhere in the 50's is much too low.

    4. They have Green as a SG/SF, so I changed him to a SF/SG. Dude has a 90speed!! Man, this guy is going to kill in this game.

    Traded/Gave away Hans, Pends, Plumlee, DJ (since I'll be the starting pg). In are PJIII (rated a 60, 1pt higher than Plumlee...weird), Royce White and Reggie Jackson. Oden was a FA, so I assigned him to the Pacers. Love how you can edit the coaching book, lineups, plays. I made changes to the coach and lineups. I will work on plays later.

    Can't believe there are no second rounders in the game, even though more than a few have already signed contracts. Might wait till after the 2nd rounders are added before started a My Player. Loads of those guys should make teams.

    I will probably play some quick games to get VC and then start My Player after I have about 5K in VC.

    Houston Rockets have a huge collection of forwards. I wonder how the game AI will make changes to that team, just way too many players at one position. LOL
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    The entire draft. Love the picks of Turner, Young and trading for Christmas.
    Signing Glen Robinson III
    Trading for Budinger
    Signing Monta Ellis
    Signing Jordan Hill (not for the player, but for his deal)

    Re-signing Stuckey and Allen

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