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Thread: Paul George "I want to be an All-Star"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ Jones View Post
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    Sam's 27

    I agree about Danny's post D, but post play is nearly non existent these days for wing players. In nearly 80 games both Paul and Danny were posted up less then 1 time per game, and if you go back and watch them half of those are basically just post isos where the guy receives the ball in the mid post area then faces up to make his move. There were very few legit post plays where the offensive player overpowered Danny or Paul. Being able to defend in space and having the speed and quickness to play help D and still get back to your man (Danny's main weakness) is much more important for a wing then post D IMO.
    This is why Danny was more effective guarding D Wade and PG was more effective guarding Lebron. D-Wade lacks the explosivness that he used to inherit off the bounce, so now he normally just overpowers other 2-guards in the post, but he wasn't going to do that to DG. With Granger able to use his strength and length, he was also able to keep D-Wade in front of him for the most part.

    Meanwhile, PG was able to back off Lebron a bit and still challenge his J, but still stay with Bron when he attacked from the high post area, looking to make a move to the basket (see that Ridiculous block off the backboard PG was able to make on Lebron)

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