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Thread: Saw D.J. Augustin at Le Peep Sunday

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    Default Saw D.J. Augustin at Le Peep Sunday

    Nothing earth shattering happened, I didn't even talk to him.

    He was at the Le Peep across from the Fashion Mall on 86th street. I was seated at the table next to him. He was there with his wife or girlfriend and there newborn baby and I think his parents, although I guess they could have been her parents. The baby couldn't have been more than 8 weeks old or so.

    They were there before we arrived and at first I wasn't postitive it was him, although I immediately recognized him, and then started thinking maybe it wasn't him. Tried to listen in on the conversation, and soon it was clear it was him. Unfortunately I only heard little bits and pieces. he was facing away from me, so I couldn't hear him too well. Heard him say Granger a couple of times, but couldn't make out what he was saying about Danny. Sorry.

    He seems very talkative, his wife/girlfriend is cute as his their daughter. The parents who I could hear better as they were facing me, seemed like normal parents, asking them normal questions, just wish I could have heard some of his answers.

    See nothing earth shattering. Seemed like a very nice family - for whatever that is worth. DJ was dressed in sweats - they were navy blue, but didn't have any Pacers emblem.

    And for the record, unlike Peck, I didn't follow him into the restroom.
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