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Thread: Anthony Gonzalez goes to Stanford Business School

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    Default Anthony Gonzalez goes to Stanford Business School

    The reverse Luck from Colts to Stanford

    Ex-Indianapolis Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez is in graduate school

    It's a reverse Luck: Gonzo goes from Colts to Stanford

    7:13 PM, Sep 28, 2012 |


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    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The application for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, from an accomplished 2006 Ohio State graduate, didn't include a lot of relevant work experience. There was some activity with his profession's labor group and a charity with which he had become involved.

    Other than that, there was just that one job -- professional football player with the Indianapolis Colts.

    Throw in his status as a first-round draft pick and academic All-American at Ohio State; that helicoptering, game-saving catch against Michigan in 2005 and the national championship game in 2006; and the idea that, if needed, Peyton Manning could be a reference, and Anthony Gonzalez got in.

    And now he's no longer a football player.

    Gonzalez began classes at Stanford last week, turning 28 on the second day of class. After two solid years with the Colts in 2007 and '08 and three years since battling injuries, Gonzalez is content to move on from football.

    "One hundred million percent, no doubt," Gonzalez said earlier this week during a phone interview from Northern California.

    After catching 94 passes for 1,240 yards his first two years in the NFL, a litany of injuries -- both knees, ankle, back -- limited him to 11 games and just five catches between 2009 and '11. He signed with the New England Patriots in the offseason, but after a virus, wisdom teeth surgery and a scheduled second sports hernia surgery after there were complications from the first, the Patriots released Gonzalez in May.

    Gonzalez had already laid the groundwork at Stanford, and he took that as a sign.

    "I'm actually happy they released me," Gonzalez said. "My body definitely was and still is telling me you shouldn't be playing professional sports right now."

    He still trained and thought about going to preseason training camp, but no teams called for a while. When one did at the end of the preseason, Gonzalez said no.

    "That was a big moment," Gonzalez said, "and honestly, there was a huge overwhelming sense of relief. I finally made the decision. Deep down it's what I really wanted, but it was still really difficult to do."

    So now he's in the two-year business program, thinking he'd some day like to open a business. The possibilities in Silicon Valley excite him, but he's also just enjoying life as an anonymous student. As he meets new people, they ask and he explains his background. And he finds they don't care much.

    "The people here are so accomplished and so humble, it's not that big a deal," Gonzalez said. "I tell people and they say, 'That's interesting.' But I don't think I have one of the most interesting backgrounds I've heard."

    Neil Cornrich, Gonzalez's agent, said another team could call later in the season, and he thinks there's a chance his client could reconsider. But he's also not surprised at this path.

    "All the successes he's had, academically and in football, he has a chance to surpass by going into the world of business," Cornrich said.

    Six years after he caught 51 passes, including eight touchdowns, during Ohio State's 2006 season, Gonzalez is back in class and out of the game. His body, his head and his heart are telling him he's in the right place

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    Default Re: Anthony Gonzalez goes to Stanford Business School

    Good for him. Smart decision.

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    Default Re: Anthony Gonzalez goes to Stanford Business School

    Maybe I'll see him around here. If I do I'll shake his hand and thank him for that lateral to Reggie.

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    Default Re: Anthony Gonzalez goes to Stanford Business School

    Great for him. I love this. I always liked him and he seemed like a very good guy. I hope he does well.
    Honestly hearing that he's doing this has brightened my day. I think some athletes become lost when their pro career doesn't pan out.
    You, Never? Did the Kenosha Kid?

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