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that is Ol'blue, he has no common sense just dumb facts and ignores the ones that don't support his argument, he hates the Colts and Pacers and only says negative facts, no positives
I do not hate the Colts and Pacers. I do think the Colts should not have drafted a franchise QB when they had no offensive line to protect him but that is just me. I like the Pacers team a lot but I don't think they are second in the East as some here do. I think they slipped a bit from last year by not adding anything new to the starters. I know someone will now claim they are already the best starting unit in the NBA. But I can see that is not true. I think they will be something like 48-34 give or take a few games. The Colts well, they are in a hopeless rebuilding situation with a good young QB who is getting hammered every week. Do I think that RGIII is better right now? I certainly do. RGIII is making players around him better. Luck is simply trying to survive. Now in three to five years that might all change. I don't see much positive in the near future (three to five years) for the Colts but the Pacers are good right now but they still need a superstar to get to the next level and I don't see that player on the roster....... ...