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You can't rate a team that is entirely dependent on growth to be good, higher than a team that has already proved to be good and only need growth to improve. The 76ers lost 3 starters, and added Bynum. A guy that has shown great immaturity in the past.

The Pacers were better last year, and now get to grow. The 76ers lost the heart and soul of their team and added pieces that might work well together. Thats a big MIGHT
The 76ers arent entirely dependent on growth to be good. They were already OK, and made large roster improvements from last year. They traded away a very good, but not superstar wing for a player who is quite clearly the 2nd best center in the entire league. They have a young stud in Evan Turner who plays the same position and does a lot of the same things Iggy could do well. They lost Lou Williams and replaced him with Nick Young and Jason Richardson (probably a sidegrade), and lost an aging but solid Elton Brand but now have a bigs rotation of Bynum, Hawes and Kwame.

But yea, if you want to talk about growth, they have 3 players that have just as much room for growth as our own Paul George in Bynum, Holiday and Turner. Plus, you say Bynum has been immature in the past, and he has, but you ignore the fact that he might also be just scratching the surface of his potential (he's a whole 1 year older than our rookie big Miles Plumlee and 1 year YOUNGER than our "young" bigs Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough).

And the Pacers need new guys to "step up" too, because if they don't, we have no bench, and we all know bench production is 50% of what did us in last year against the Heat (the other 50% being James/Wade).

This isnt a ranking of how good they were last year, its a ranking of how good one writer thinks they are now. Sure the Sixers have a lot of question marks, and you can disagree, with him (and like I said in my original post, I do disagree with him), but I think his ranking isnt far off. Its not like he put the Sixers 5 spots ahead of the Pacers.