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    Default New Anti-Flopping Policy Forthcoming

    New policy in the works to combat NBA flopping

    By Ken Berger | NBA Insider
    ELIZABETH, N.J. -- The NBA is finalizing a new procedure to deal with flopping this coming season, with an off-court remedy expected to be in place before the start of the regular season.

    After meeting with their newly revamped competition committee two weeks ago in New York, the league anticipates that incidents of flopping will be adjudicated on a postgame basis with fines assessed for the offenses, a league spokesman said Thursday.

    "The procedures will likely involve a postgame review as opposed to calling it as an in-game infraction," the league spokesman said in a statement to and other outlets.

    The new policy does not need to be approved by the Board of Governors, which meets next month in New York, because it does not involve a rule change for on-court play. In that way, the new policy will be similar to a crackdown several years ago on so-called "respect for the game" rules violations, which resulted in a brief uptick in technical fouls.

    The news came to light as the NBA's officiating department held its annual preseason camp, some of which was attended by sports writers and broadcasters who cover the NBA. It was the first such meeting under the leadership of Mike Bantom, who was appointed executive vvice president of referee operations earlier this month, replacing former U.S. Army Gen. Ron Johnson.
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