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Thread: Our two starting guards and offensive firepower

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    Default Our two starting guards and offensive firepower

    How have we solved last year's biggest problem of not having offensive flow and firepower because we could not get the ball to our solid scorers in the post? We haven't.

    This year we will find the same problem as last year in the playoffs--no one can get Roy the ball and West gets it way out on the peremiter. Hill was better than Collison, but Hill still is weak in this area.

    So, for me, the most intriguing development for next year will be to see how we find some offensive power and lubrication, particularly in the back court. Our problem now, it seems to me, is our two best defensive players play together (Hill, George) and two offensive-minded players play together (DJ, Lance). We may need to do some mixing and matching all year long until we find just the right mix. This could also be solved by Hill suddenly improving in distribution or PG suddenly improving his playmaking ability and offensive production. I am not holding my breath just yet.

    So, come playoff time, the following are all possible options:

    1. Hill
    2. PG (current)

    1. DJ
    2. Hill

    1. Hill
    2. Lance (or vice versa)

    I don't see Hill being benched at the end of games because of his veteran savvy, great defense, and clutch play. PG still could find the bench, because he is young and still makes strange mistakes. But what is more likely is that PG gets moved down to the three and Granger plays 4, but that puts either Hibbs or West on the bench, so that's doubtful as well.

    But, my point, is that unless we see significant improvement from our two starting guards, they won't have what we need offensively to make things happen in big games.

    Lance developing to such a point is still a long shot. DJ Augustin providing the much needed distribution is more of a possibility, but what we would give up on the defensive end would be significant. He would have to be a truly impressive improvement to find himself playing down the stretch.

    But that's what I will be watching. I'm glad Barbosa and Dahntay are gone (both of whom I liked), because neither of them have even the potential to help with this problem. Lance and DJA do, but it's a long shot.
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