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    We almost lost against the Vikings last week for being too conservative and predictable in our play. Playcalling in the third quarter lost this game for us. We came out and started playing not to lose instead of to win. I had a bad feeling about the game when we were 3rd and 20 and went with a WR screen.

    There were a lot of issues in this game, but I really think if we would trust #12 and let him run the show until he shows he can't, we would score more points. I told my son when the screen was called that I thought we would lose the game because of being conservative in the second half.

    Of course, if our secondary would have not taken a nap with a lead we win also.

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    I agree, give the secondary a break though on that last drive, Vontae Davis and Justin King had both left with injury, it didn't look like either of those guys were seriously hurt, our defense should be much better against Green Bay with Dwight Freeney and Pat Angerer back. We need to let Andrew Luck throw the ball in the 2nd half even though we have a lead

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    Need to be more aggressive, but still the defense should make that stop at the end to seal the win
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