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    Seriously, why are you guys still defending Tate's "catch"? Jennings, goes up and grabs the ball with both hands, in possession. At nearly the same time, but after the fact, Tate reaches across Jennings body and *touches* the ball, but does not have possession of the ball. His other hand, starts to go to the ball, but then falls away as both players fall to the ground. Throughout the entire play, Tate's right hand never touches the ball until both playres land on the ground and then his right hand goes for the ball. By that point in time Jennings had 1) grabbed the ball with both hands 2) clutched the ball to his chest 3) caught Tate's hand underneath the ball in his chest. Tate was on the other side of Jennings.

    Even after Jennings made the catch, the resulting scrum on the ground resulted in:

    Ball | Jennings | Tate

    Tate was separated from the ball by a fricking person. Unfortunately for Tate, when he "caught" that ball lying on the ground, there was already a defender attached to the damn thing.

    At no point in time did Tate ever establish possession of the ball. He established a touching of the ball with one hand around a defender who had already maintained possession of the ball.

    Even so, the two refs came in calling opposite calls. They did not confer with each other, they just auto-picked touchdown. What in the world were they thinking? Consult! You have the game on the line with this one call, and you just wing it??? It was a miscall on the field, after a non-call on a penalty on Tate. Since the grey area of the rules made it hard to overturn the incorrect call on the field, not to mention that ref had 60,000 rabid 'Hawks fans foaming at the mouth --- he says the touchdown stands. Of course he did, he would've been lynched on the spot by that crowd. You could see the look on his face, it was a very uneasy look... he knew it was an interception but looked pressured to uphold the call due to the scene, the wharbling mass of insane fans goin' nuts in the stands.

    Rules schmules --- the correct call on this play should have been pass interference on Tate and end of game. The next correct call, if we go with the non-call on Tate, is that Jennings intercepted the ball. End of story. The next correct call, if we go with the incorrect call of touchdown, was that the play should have been reversed. Three incorrect calls wham-bam-bam in a row.

    And then they lost control of the situation by allowing Green Bay to exit the field, and not knowing what to do about the extra point. It was helter-skelter, a complete cluster****. That's why there is such an uproar. The incorrect call is just a small part of the entire scene. There were about 5-6 **** ups by the refs in about 10 minutes, starting with the missed pass interference on Tate in the endzone, and ending with the ridiculous scene of GB exiting the tunnel to come out and defend that ridiculous extra point. The on-field interview of Pete Carroll was a joke, he was trying to get his team back on the field while doing the interview, and when asked about the extra point, he was like "I have no idea what's goin on" in reference to the officials. That was the icing on the cake. When even the coach has no idea, and knows he's getting a free win.

    It was when the entire nation said "these refs have to go".
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