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Wow, didn't realize we were that over the cap.
$10m in total to guys that aren't likely to contribute much at all this year.

DJ Aug
9 man rotation - 58m

Of course I'm going to leave Tyler out, and even more so when you look at his 4m salary option for next year with a 7m cap hold till he's signed. He's done after this year.

And it's nice to load up on depth, but you can only have so many 1.5m Pendergraphs on the team. With 1m to Plumlee also and Tyler already mentioned that's a lot of money for what should really just be 1 guy at 1-2m. 5.5 and you don't know that any of them are going to produce enough to warrant 500+ minutes this year, barring injury. I guess I don't mind Pendy at that price, but scrub big foul machine rebounder hustler describes a lot of dudes out of business right now that can be picked up as needed.

And I hate to say it, but it also points out the limits of having a 14m guy that can only go 30 minutes a night. You've got to pay to cover those other 18 minutes. It's really on his shoulders this year because either his money is going to buy a guy that can carry the team a little bit or they are in big trouble with not a lot of wiggle room sans a full punt at .75 on the dollar.