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Thread: Steve Sabol of NFL Films has died

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    Default Steve Sabol of NFL Films has died

    Dead at 69

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    Steve Sabol -- one of the founding members of "NFL Films" -- passed away this morning after battling brain cancer. He was 69.

    Steve had suffered a seizure in March 2011. Doctors discovered an unremovable tumor in his brain ... and he had been receiving treatment ever since.

    Sabol co-founded NFL Films in the '60s with his father, Ed Sabol ... and together they revolutionized the way football fans watched the game ... with slow dramatic montages, compelling music and candid player soundbites from the field and the sidelines.

    Under Steve's leadership, NFL Films produced several iconic shows ... including, "Hard Knocks," "NFL Films Presents" and "Football Follies."

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement on Sabol's death ... saying, "Steve’s passion for football was matched by his incredible talent and energy. Steve’s legacy will be part of the NFL forever. He was a major contributor to the success of the NFL, a man who changed the way we look at football and sports, and a great friend.”.
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    Default Re: Steve Sabol of NFL Films has died

    Garbage players get 1st round picks, (WTF)! All of the NBA must hate the Pacers! LOL

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