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Luck is outstanding at avoiding sacks, and a damn good runner as well. Ask Jared Allen, whom Luck made look foolish. And Andrew Luck is already arguably better than Cam Newton. Just admit it, you haven't even seen Luck play
Cam Newton is off to a shaky start on a bad team but Luck isn't even in Cam Newton's league as a football player. There is no argument about that. Luck is a lower third of the NFL QB right now and it will get worse this week. I have seen Luck play, RGIII play and Cam Newton play. I don't care that you have a crush on Luck, he isn't close to being the QB those two are right now. Luck has played one good team, Chicago and they made him look very inept. Green Bay will do the same thing but they will rush him even more..... I don't think it is me who doesn't watch the games..... ...