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    Default Luck so far

    AFC South Quarterbacks in Week 2

    Quarterback QBR (Rank) Passer Rating
    Andrew Luck 81.9 (3rd-t) 107.5
    Matt Schaub 68.6 (10th) 87.2
    Jake Locker 45.1 (25th) 65.1
    Blaine Gabbert 39.8 (28th) 62.8

    I said at the beginning of the season that Luck was already the top AFC South quarterback, I still believe that.

    Interesting tidbit from the IndyStar:

    Through two games, rookie quarterback Andrew Luck has had three meaningful two-minute drive opportunities.
    He took the Colts 58 yards in 51 seconds at the end of the first half of their opener at Chicago. He hustled them 64 yards in 64 seconds at the same point of the game Sunday, and he directed them 45 yards in 19 seconds to set up Vinatieri's game-winning field goal.
    Luck was a collective 10-for-14 for 153 yards and one touchdown on those series.
    That's his first two games ever, folks. That's the stuff to look for, right there. It's why he's still head and shoulders above this draft class, and above the last 10 draft classes. For a rookie to have 3 2-min drives in his first two games ever, and perform like that.... whoo-boy, that's some eye-opening stuff. And you all saw how he did it --- with some amazing throws and roll-outs and escaping of pressure. He's built for pressure and just gets better the tougher the situation.

    Power rankings have us jumping 5 spots after only our second game:
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