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    Quote Originally Posted by Since86 View Post
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    If Lennay Kekau has been around since atleast 2008, a year before Te'o "met" her, I have a hard time believing that Te'o had any part of creating the situation. Combine that with other NFL players saying they phsiycally met a girl pretending to be her. The TMZ story is pretty sick. Having a lady meet your "sister" and then killing her off a month later.

    I acknowledged he lied. I'm not trying to absolve him of that. It's a lot more understandable seeing a guy in a bad situation not knowing exactly what to do, rather than seeing a guy create the situation for personal gain. Both are crappy situations, but one is a lot better than the other.
    If she has been around since 08, then I'd certainly agree with you. I just think we'll need something more than some random guy's twitter. Lots of people say lots of things on twitter for attention.

    The first thing he needs to do, especially if innocent, is get out in front of this. The longer he waits, the worse he looks.

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