Keeping in mind that this was the Vikings...I thought the defense played very well. Much better then I expected. Freeman, Mathis, Bethea, Powers, Davis, Conner and Redding where all on the beastly side and Fokou had a few impressive plays as well. Very good coverage, pursuits and tackling was nice to see. To hold AP and Gerhart to 3.5 ypc is amazing, I didn't think this would be the case. For quite awhile AP was averaging like 5 ypc while looking really good and I was just waiting for him to bust a few big ones off, but the Colts just wasn't going to let it happen. The offense was much less impressive as a team but Luck did do a really good job. Avery was money and I hope he continues to stay healthy. The running game was just terrible. You can blame the O-Line all you want and I will not disagree about the O-line, but Brown has to be accountable. Take his 15 yard rush away and he was 15 for 30 yards. I don't think I have ever seen such a bad performance by a running back. He couldn't even block worth a crap. The dude has to go after this year. The 2 kickers was awesome as usual and McAfee was kicking awe inspiring.