I want to start off by saying that this isn't just another Gordon trade thread.

NOH have to make a decision by next season. I honestly think Rivers playing point will be as successful as Tyreke playing point. I don't think it's gonna end well. So, Rivers wants to start and his natural position is sg. That means, that I def think Gordon will get moved at some point. Maybe not this season, but def by the trade deadline next season.

However, if the fall/winter stay hot, I could see a big trade by the deadline that should help cool off planet earth and set things right again.

I think Granger will play much better than he has in the past 2 seasons. He's honestly has to or he'll lose those touches to PG, West & Hibbs. Also, to that end, I don't think Granger will be happy having to spread the wealth. Talk is one thing, but when he sees his touches dip further and further down, he's not going to like it.

So, by the trade deadline, I could see a Granger + DJ (I think this guy is def gonna be trade bait) for Gordon + Pick (top 5 protected).

Why it makes sense:

-Doesn't hurt that Granger is from NO. Granger will also get his shots
-DJ will get to start again and rack up dimes feeding Rivers, Lance and the soon to be ROY.

For the Pacers:
-I think PG at the sg spot is nice and all, but I think he's getting too tall for the position. If the Pacers want to ensure his legs don't go to crap defending shorter and quick players, they'll want to move him over to the SF spot. Plus, PGs handles just aren't going to develop enough to be a full time sg. SF makes the most sense.
-Gordon comes back home. He's a gamble, but the Pacers seriously need to make a huge gamble if they ever want this team to be a serious contender. I know getting to the playoffs is fine for management, but it's not for the fans. We want to contend for a title, and a move like this guarantees it...so long as Gordon stays healthy. And I think he will stay healthy since he won't have to do most of the heavy lifting like he had to for his previous teams.
-Lance would then have to slide over to the backup pg (no I don't think the Pacers are done letting him play point) position unless the Pacers sign Ahearn or someone else out of the DLeague. Lance and Green would split duties as backup sg. Pacers still have a lot of flexibility with guys able to play multiple positions.

The pick could also help out the Pacers. They could package that to go after a PF. Perhaps a sign and trade with ATL for Josh Smith in the offseason. I'm not sure how expensive he'll be, but with West coming off the books & Hans, he might be worth it. I don't see him getting more than what he's making now, $12M. He's not a franchise player, so I just don't see him getting more.