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    Default ATL/OKC

    I could really see a deal involving the Thunder and Hawks:

    OKC sends:

    Draft pick

    ATL sends:


    This is a huge salary dump by OKC so they can sign Harden long term. Atlanta gets a big bruising center to let Smith move to SF and Horford to PF. The Hawks have Teague, Lou Will and Korver among others to play in the back court. Maynor could be their immediate backup PG. Hell Maynor doesn't even need to be in the deal really, but I figure the extra PG is a good move for ATL. Reggie Jackson can step into that role after this year when Harris expires.

    As it pertains to us. I think we might be able to get in on the deal by throwing Hansborough in the mix to Atlanta. I think he would make sense for them as another backup big who could play with both Horford and Perkins effectively. I think the only thing we would want is the cap space and possibly the pick from OKC. The Hawks have a ton of expiring contracts and Hansborough can add to that if they don't feel like re-signing him or come cheap if they like him. A lot of UNC fans in the south.
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    Default Re: ATL/OKC

    That seems to make sense for both teams.

    I still think Smith is a PF though. He has no outside shot.

    I'd love to get Reggie Jackson for the backup point position. Would love to find a way to get him from OKC since Maynor is back and should be the main backup point for Westbrook.

    And anything that sheds Hans from the Pacers squad is a good move, especially if it's just for a pick.
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    Default Re: ATL/OKC

    I like that idea a lot. Makes perfect sense.

    In the end, it depends on the wallet of their owner. This isn't something Marc Cuban would do. Perkins will make sense if they meet LA. And while Harris is a better player than Maynor, he's kind of a very poor man's Westbrook, while Maynor provides a different skillset and I like him better both next to Durant and Harden for 10 minutes a game.

    So you don't do this if you don't mind amnestying Perkins. But if the owner can't afford the amnesty, this saves him some 10 mil in cash, so it's a good idea.

    Btw, step 2 to this could be:
    Denver --- Wilson Chandler, Kenneth Faried
    Atlanta --- Josh Smith

    It depends entirely if Smith would agree to sign in Denver. If yes, then Atlanta gets two very good pieces instead of Smith who's not certain to stay.
    Both Chandler and Faried have solid upside still. Chandler+Teague = solid shooting, add Horford's reliable mid range game. Depending on matchups, they can go big with Faried at 3 or go quick and super athletic with him at 4 and Horford at 5. Moreover, that roster won't be taking days off or playing me-first ball. Well, Chandler does that a little, but incomparable to Josh Smith. If they do this, they'll be a very fun to watch, energetic, athletic team. Defensive, running mindset and far less stupidity.

    Denver transforms some of their depth and upside into a better starter who also makes more sense next to McGee offensively, since right now both McGee and Faried are pure dunkers / rebounders with limited offensive skills.

    And also, I won't do the exact math, but they'd have some cap space left too after these deals (this summer i mean). An extra, more offensive minded Hawes-type center would make a lot of sense.
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