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Thread: PD Forum Party Sign up poll

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    For most of the details please check the first post in the thread.

    I do have a couple new pieces of information I'd like to pass along.

    1. The ramp system that they've worked on all summer at the Allisonville Road exit is open

    2. In the past we've mainly pooled our money to pay the tab.

    This time everyone will be taking care of their own check.

    Pacer fans are always good at showing the waitress that takes care of us how much we appreciate their effort, let Saturday be no exception.

    3. We have an area set aside for us on the right side of the floor. Its kind of walled off but not totally enclosed. I hope that makes more sence once you enter and see the layout. Try not to arrive too early. We have the space from 6:00 until whenever, so anytime after 5:45 should be ok. After 10:00 its an over 21 bar so I'd like to move over to Perkins between 10 and maybe 10:30'ish.

    4. I warned Perkins that I was bringing in a large group Saturday night between 10 & 10:30. We even have our enclosed room that we like soooo much! For those new to the Castleton area, Perkins is located on the northeast corner of Allisonville Road and 82nd street. Everyone pays their own way at Perkins as well.

    The poll shows we could have anywhere from 9 to 26. Either way, I'm really looking forward to Saturday night.

    See ya there!
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