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    For our new owners.

    The draft is by far the most important part of the season. Improvements can be made to your roster during the season but the core of your team is going to made up of players you draft.

    There are several things that can help you make good choices during the draft.

    If you go to the TOYS section on the site, then click on the 2011-2012 PLAYER STATS, you will find all the info that can help you put together a very competitive team.

    1. The most important number to look at is Fantasy Points Per Minute or FPPM. This column is on the far right and if you click on the FPPM at the top of the column it will refresh with all players from last season listed in order with the highest points per minute listed first.

    2. The next number I consider is Fantasy Points Per Game or FPPG. The 2 guys with the highest FPPM play so rarely that neither of them will help you. You need to find a balance between guys with high FPPM and very good FPPG.

    3. Since our scoring is based on players covering 5 positions each playing a 48 minute game. You'll need to draft players that actually play enough to cover your 240 minutes (5 players x 48 minute game = 240 minutes). To do this you should keep an eye on just how many minutes a player actually play during an NBA game.

    4. Finally, but just as important as minutes played is Multi-postional players. These can either be a center that also plays forward, or the other way around CF. A forward that can also play guard, or the other way around as well FG. These players are very important in helping to cover your minutes, maxing your score and assisting in getting that extra W that will get you into the playoffs.

    In conclusion, look for high FPPM that play plenty of minutes with an eye toward multi-positional players.

    I hope this helps and of course, if you have questions or need help..... let me know.

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