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Tom Brady "only" has 23. So did Montana.
Right. These are small enough samples that the overall stats can be skewed a bit. Like I said, almost 30% of Manning's post-season touchdowns came in the two Denver blowouts. When you're only looking at 20 or 23 games, all it takes is a few blowouts to really pump up someone's stats. I try to look at it on a game by game basis. I see an offense that underperformed year after year and a bunch of missed opportunities, aside from one magical run in early 2007. Peyton had one of the greatest halfs in the history of playoff football against the Pats and no one can ever take that away from him. But in other years, the offense routinely came up short and did not live up to its reputation. I don't think Manning can be absolved a sizable chunk of the blame for that, especially when he gets all of the credit for things going great in the regular season.

From a Kravitz column:

In Manning’s 10 playoff losses in Indy, the Colts averaged just 14.2 points per game.