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    Quote Originally Posted by pacer4ever View Post
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    I'm done arguing with Colts fans rarely find unbiased ones I just find most of them ridcoulous.
    We're ridiculous because we don't agree that a quarterback who threw it a whopping 18 times was "tossing dimes left and right"?

    And hell yeah we're biased, just like every other fan base is. When you cut ties with a HOF QB and have a rookie lead you to an incredible 11-5 season while making many clutch plays in the process, then yeah, you're going to be biased towards that rookie. Of course we are biased towards Luck. We watch him every weak and have an obvious fondness for him. He threw the ball 234 more times than RG3 and was asked to do far more with his arm than RGIII. We give him points for that. He also didn't have a monster running back like Morris on his team. Luck would almost be unstoppable if he had a running threat like that behind him.

    But acting like Colts fans are the only ones with bias is just silly. I think your obvious anti-Colts bias is just as strong as our pro-Colts bias.
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