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Watched last night's 49ers/Patriots game from a bar in Dallas. For better or worse, I knew I wouldn't get to town in time to see the Steelers play (but given the way our season has derailed, that's okay.) The bar at the hotel ended up with about 400 people in it after the stadium emptied out, and was about 50% Steelers jerseys and 50% Cowboys jerseys.

Interestingly enough, everybody got along fine after the game. And everybody gathered together to cheer for SF. It was quite hilarious how everybody wanted NE to lose. Not sure that many Cowboys fans in one place have ever agreed to cheer for the 49ers before. I get the Steelers dislike... Spygate actually did involve the Steelers, we've lost too many AFC Title games in Pittsburgh to those guys. But Dallas... they're not even in the same conference. What do they care?
What do you think about Florio's comment in today's power rankings?

15. Steelers: The franchise has had three coaches since 1969. More and more locals are ready for No. 4.


I don't pay much attention to the Steelers, but that comment surprised me a bit. Are there really Steelers fans who want Tomlin gone? I wouldn't want to ditch a coach that had taken my team to two Super Bowls in his six year tenure. It's not Tomlin's fault that Ben was hurt a couple games or that the defense is getting some age on it.