McGrady is an interesting case. He was arguably the best player in the league, but never had the post season success, although in Orlando I think it was more due to a **** team around him. Houston though, him and Yao should have made a lot of noise in the playoffs. And then the injuries. Man, I would have loved to see more of Tmac in his prime. Amazing player. Really don't know if he will get in the HOF though. i'm leaning towards no.

Vince Carter wasn't as dominate, but he had more post season success (not much more) and performed for a longer time. I'm leaning towards no here too.

Chris Webber probably wasn't mentioned cause he is already retired. I think I would put him in though. He was a legit 20 and 10 guy for his career. Great passer too. He is a 5 time All Star, made 5 All NBA teams (1 first, 3 seconds, 1 third), won a rebounding title, and while the Kings never won the West, Webber did lead them deep into the playoffs. That early 2000s Kings team was damn good. He did have his fair share of injuries, but even after his microfacture surgery he was still a damn good player.