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Thread: ABA Keeper League - 2012-13 season, structure, and draft....

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    Default ABA Keeper League - 2012-13 season, structure, and draft....

    New Beginnings, new season

    Just wanted to get a preliminary thread up, and see if we can get a feel for the overall number of returning owners, and how many may leave. I will do my very best to maintain the structure, and rosters from last season, hopefully the majority will return, but if multiple owners need to step down, I completely understand. And if anyone has anybody in mind that could step in as a new team owner, to replace those who may step down, please let me know and I would be glad to send them a PM with the league info.

    Password is: pacers


    This is the list of teams I have from last season, although right now I fear there are some team owner names that I cannot connect with usernames here on PD. I just want to make sure everyone who is interested has seen the thread, and has the link and password to the league on

    (currently registered)

    • Bangkok Banshee - Jose Slaughter
    • Indy King Cobra - Speed24237
    • Shakuras Voidwalkers - Frostwolf
    • Cedar City Raven Redux - drbadd
    • Young Turks - bellisimo
    • Nash City Razorbacks - Pig Nash
    • Baltimore Bulldogs - bmore_bulldog
    • Redbull_Yamaha Warriors - redbull_yamaha
    • Gnaw Bone Hound Dogs - pacertom
    • Indiana Firestorm - burnzone

    (not yet registered)

    • Dashboard Hula Girls
    • Harlem Funkadelic
    • Roaming Gnome's Fury
    • Concord Hobgoblins
    • Just Dynamite
    • Venice Vagabonds
    • Amsterdam Pigeons
    • Crazy Canucks
    • Castle de Verde Hoopsters
    • Little Fort Bottom Feeders

    If anyone can help, or let me know if any of my list above is incorrect, I would appreciate it.
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