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Anyone who compares Reggie's regular season performance to any other SG is totally missing what made him a HOFer. The thing that set Reggie apart was his ability to come up big in the playoffs. Reggie averaged 21.1 ppg in the playoffs. Before his role deminished during his last 3 seasons, his average was a gaudy 24 ppg - nearly 5 points more than what he averaged during the regular season!

Mitch Richmond never made any noise in the playoffs or in the clutch. A lot of that is due to his poor level of talent around him but his play during the playoffs never matched his during the season production.

Tracy McGrady was one of the best regular season SGs of all-time. He couldn't get his teams, even with a 3-1 lead with Orlando or an in his prime Yao Ming and Steve Francis, to the 2nd round.

Glenn Rice was a great scorer for about 2-3 years. Ultimately he fizzled out due to injuries even though he was a very good player that torched the Pacers a few times during the 2000 Finals.

Reggie was clutch. All of the NBA greats agree. That's what made him famous, hence he is in the Hall of Fame.

Right. Reggie won playoff games and series with more regularity than players that were better than him. Those playoff wins were team accomplishments, not individual accomplishments. Just as Russell's championships don't make him a better player than Wilt just because Russell had a better supporting cast of HoFers. Reggie had longevity and playoff wins and thus he's remembered more favorably than players that were better than him. That's why I think top-ten is appopriate but not top-three or top-five.