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1. MJ
2. West
3. Kobe
4. Drexler
5. Reggie
6. Gervin
7. Maravich
8. Monroe
9. Allen
10. Dumars

Wade: Come back in 4 or 5 years then I will feel comfortable ranking him as his career winds down. Until then he has way too much time left to be in this discussion.

AI: For a guy who is known mostly for his scoring he was pretty bad at it. Yeah, he scored a lot because he had the ball all of the time, but hey if Stephenson controls the ball 75% of the time your team is on offense he is going to end up with a lot of points. It just might come at 41% shooting. AI might be one of the all-time great dribblers, but he is hardly an all-time great SG.
You do realize Wade has been in the league just as long as Pete Maravich was? You know the same Pete Maravich who never won a title and only made the playoffs 4 times.