There are several different ways to conduct a draft on None of them work for everyone, I know, we've tried them all.

You need to remember we usually have a 20 team league. That means 20 different owners. Some of them living in different time zones or even different countries. Getting everyone together on the same date at the same time just does not work.

For the past several seasons we've started our draft without the use of a "draft clock".

This means that there is no time limit between picks. There are good and bad points to this but I believe it is the best of our options.

Extending the draft allows each owner to select his own players. It also gives everyone the option of not having to be tied to a computer 24/7. Even I have a family and job that require a small amount of attention.

On the draft page, which will be available to us once the draft begins, you will have access to a "contingency list" option. This will allow you to select and save in order, up to 20 players. This feature will allow you to log on for a few moments to make sure you have players on your list but not be forced to set there waiting for the guy 4 picks ahead of you to make his selection.

How this works:

In the "AVAILABLE PLAYERS" area, click on a players name you wish to add to your contingency list.

You then click on the "ADD TO LIST" box just under the "AVAILABLE PLAYERS" area. Repeat this until you have the players you want. You can move players up, down or off your list at anytime.

Once you're happy with your list and the order you have your players listed, you must click on "SAVE CONTINGENCIES" in order for the computer to save your list of players.

There are 3 major downsides to the extended draft method.

1. The draft takes about 12 to 14 days to complete. However, since I will be starting the draft about 30 days before the season tips off, we should have more than enough time to complete the draft.

2. There are always delays. Even in a league full of seasoned veterans there are always 2 or 3 that seem to slow the process. In the past some have taken as long as 24 hours to make their picks. Please be considerate of your fellow owners.

3. There are always complainers. Even in a league full of seasoned veterans there are always 2 or 3 that seem to ***** about every guy slow to make a pick. I know theres a delay, you know it.... everyone in the league knows it. Complaining about it doesn't help, never has & my bet is, it never will.

Last season I let everyone know about the extended draft. Let them know about daily participation, (almost made 'em sign a blood oath) kicked 10 or 12 guys out of the league for it too. Some, early in the draft. It will be delt with! But we all already know about the delays that are sure to come and the complainers that are sure to follow them.