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    Default NFL Sunday Ticket Rant

    I don't understand why the NFL allows DirecTV to maintain a monopoly on Sunday Ticket.

    I have Fios and even though Comcast has its issues for the last year or two I have been pretty satisfied with it. I have no desire to get DirecTV for several reasons:

    1.) I live in an apartment building in a gentrifying neighborhood. Therefore, I don't have the room or the right atmosphere for a satellite dish. Even if there was somehow room to install it, some neighborhood kids would probably steal it.

    2.) Satellites are stupid. I find it somewhat hilarious that my cable always works, while one of my wealthier relatives, who made more money this month than I probably have over the past few years, can never watch TV when it rains or storms hard. I just have no desire to deal with that crap. What is the need for satellite dishes anymore anyway, when you can get hundreds of channels on Fios without one?

    3.) I like Fios just fine and have no reason to adjust to a new service provider.

    I know a ton of NFL fans in a similar predicament. They don't want DirecTV but would otherwise pay the NFL a few hundred dollars a year for Sunday Ticket. Every year NFL it is the same, please take my money.

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