Since it's silly season, here's a silly (well hopefully not hugely so) proposal for a Granger trade.

Granger to Denver for Gallinari and Faried

For Indy: replace Granger with a younger, cheaper guy locked into a long contract. Gallo isn't on Granger's level of production yet, and IMO his max upside is a Granger level player anyway. But his age and skills (better ball handler, playmaker) should fit better with the rest of the young Pacer core. Faried's rebounding and defense is a great addition to our big man mix, whether as backup PF or eventual starter replacing West. It's a step back this season, but should set up the Pacers' future very nicely.

For Denver: adding Granger to Iggy should give them one of the better wing combos in the league outside of LeBron/Wade and Durant/Harden. Together with the rest of their young veteran crew, and it's quite possible that Denver will be fighting for homecourt in the West.