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    I wanted to get this down in its own thread because I make such a big deal about it each season.

    In our first year on the site we had thown together a league of the first 20 guys that shown an interest.

    All of them were active members of the Indy Star's Pacer Forum, this was before Pacers Digest. Most were knowledgeable basketball fans that understood the game as well as the meaning of sportsmanship. Most, but not all.

    Draft day is by far the most important day of the season

    A few failed to draft well & their teams were doomed before the season began. Sometimes when your team is always loosing you tend to drift away from the game. A poor roster with an absent owner weakens a league. If you have 2, 3 or 4 of these type teams it can really take the enjoyment out of the game.

    Bringing in first year owners is the hardest and most risky thing a commish can do. I'm unsure just how many will fully understand the importance of the draft, how to set your roster & commit to making your team as competitive as you can.

    Part of my job is to get as much info to our new owners as I can, to get them on an equal footing with the vets. The more competitive each team is, the more competitive the league will be.

    Another part of the daily participation effort is due to trade offers from other owners. Players being dropped by teams will appear of waivers. Most importantly is what I will now call the Jeremy Lin factor. You never can tell when a no-name player in the free agent pool that has set there all season will suddenly get a chance to play & become an overnight fantasy stud.


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