Basketball team's not very good. My hopes of 20 wins and tourney bubble are dwindling fast, but that's OK. This is a pretty talented group, add next year's class (assuming little Everette gets right), and then the big returns I expect in 2014+, we're in business. Hammons is going to be a stud, think he may be able to go pro after his junior year.

Anyway, there's rumors of Burke putting out feelers to Butch Jones at Cincinnati. I'm not head over heels with that name, his whole career's been a couple years of good records coaching Brian Kelly's players. But if, if, IF, that's true, I'm absolutely head over heels with the search for a replacement. I'm going off the top of my head so this could be wrong, but Hope makes like $950k. Jones, at UC, makes I think $1.3 mil plus a 500k buyout.

THIS is what needs to happen. If you expect to compete for the occasional conference title when the breaks go your way you're not doing it with the lowest salaried head coach AND the lowest salaried group of assistant coaches.