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    Quote Originally Posted by BRushWithDeath View Post
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    While I agree with you that people were somewhat overly optimistic essentially due to playing Notre Dame tight, Ohio State can't advance to Indianapolis. The only teams in the Leaders who can play in the title game are Purdue, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. And Illinois and Indiana are beyond dreadful. Ohio State and Penn State are both prohibited. The odds weren't terrible for Purdue. Really, they still aren't. Wisconsin looks better than Purdue but they don't look like world beaters. If Purdue sneaks a win against them, as they've been known to win games they shouldn't in the Hope era (unfortunately the opposite is true also), they've still got a pretty good shot to get the chance to get blown out at Lucas Oil.
    D'oh forgot about OSU being unable to participate this year. But that is still probably a loss on the schedule. Which is a little weird, seems a bit of a double standard to allow OSU to impact the record of post season eligible teams but not be able to be postseason eligible themselves.
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