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Thread: the future of the AKL and IKL

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    Default the future of the AKL and IKL

    dear owners in the AKL and IKL,

    some of you may have realised that both keeper leagues are in danger right now - the AKL has no commissioner since scott left, and the IKL currently has 15 (or less) owners, as 5 have not yet responded to my constant pestering.

    i would take over the AKL too, but i am starting law school next week (hey, at least i'm actually in the US now!) and i do not believe i can handle commissioner responsibilities for two separate leagues at the same time.

    I believe most of these guys have AKL teams also, and with the normal attrition rate per season I see the AKL being decimated as well.

    what many of us have suggested is unifying the leagues and starting over - although this is a big kick in the teeth for guys who have slowly built their rosters to a respectable/awesome stage, this is probably the only way we can get a PD member-only league going.

    so, AKL and IKL owners, if you are still interested, please search for the "unified keeper league" on the password is pacersdigest.

    thank you, and once we finalise a number i will get back to you with more details.

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