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Thread: Colts Cuts

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    Default Colts Cuts

    First round just announced

    CBs Cameron Chism, Terrence Johnson, Chris Rucker (6th rounder last year), Antonio Fenelus
    S's Matt Merletti, David Caldwell
    LB Mike Balogun
    WR Quan Cosby
    RB Alvester Alexander
    G Jason Foster
    P Brian Stahovich

    Still need to cut 5 guys by 4pm tomorrow

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    Default Re: Colts Cuts

    Any chance Urlacher is cut? Any chance the Colts would pick him up?
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    Default Re: Colts Cuts

    Luck made it...whew

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    Default Re: Colts Cuts

    Any chance Urlacher is cut? Any chance the Colts would pick him up?[/QUOTE
    That writer should be ban from ever writing again and anyone who thinks there is a 1% we cut Urlacher this year needs their head examined. That is crazy and beyond unrealistic #54 will be a Bear for this year no doubt. Now next year he is a free agent and possibly won't return. But cutting Urlacher would kill our team there would be no point we couldn't find a player to replace him you don't cut your leader 1 week before the season even if the doctor said he was out for 10 more weeks you don't cut him that basically would eliminate us from SB contention. He said he will be back for week 1 do I don't worry Peppers foot scares me more. That has to be one of the stupidest things I have read
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    Default Re: Colts Cuts

    Griff Whalen to IR with the broken foot, which is obviously better than being cut. I think he earned a roster spot, but I wonder if he'd still be around after the injury if he wasn't Luck's roommate.

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    Default Re: Colts Cuts

    I think Whalen would have made it on his own merits. Just turned out to be a plus he could be an extra friend/sounding board for our franchise QB.
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    Default Re: Colts Cuts

    Whalen definitely earned his spot in pre-season to me. I had him in the top 6 WR. Top 5 after Collie got banged up.

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    The Colts have plenty of slot guys so I am fine with putting him on IR and hoping for the best if Collie ends up retiring.

    I am glad Ross is still on the team.

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    As long as they don't cut Fugger.

    There's $$$ in jersey sales for that ...........

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