After watching Saving Private Ryan yesterday I became nostalgic for the older CoD games that took place during WW2.

I have a copy of CoD3 still lying around, so I played it for a little while earlier this afternoon.

It was fun to play to a point, but it was also a wakeup call as to how far the franchise has come with regards to graphics, gameplay, and lag because it was a decidedly mediocre experience. After realizing that, I immediately longed for a new CoD game that took the evolved improvements of the series (the aforementioned 3 areas) but went back to the classic environment of Allies vs. Nazis.

I just now remembered that they did do this once, sort of, with CoD World at War, but alas I never owned that one and it was still somewhat dated compared to where the franchise is now. I'd like to see them take the template of MW3 or perhaps BO2 depending on how that turns out and then go back to that setting again. Plus that game was the Pacific theatre, not Europe, which is my favorite setting for these types of games.

Does anybody agree or does anybody think this is likely to happen in the next couple of years? Perhaps around the time Black Ops 3 would theoretically come out?