Ball State football players accused of shoplifting male enhancement pills

Rick Chandler

Aug 24, 2012, 11:15 AM EDT

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This is Jonathan Newsome. Jonathan is not doing so well. Thatís because he was suspended for the first two games of Ball Stateís football season after he was arrested on Monday and charged with possession of marijuana.

But thatís only the beginning of Jonathanís problems. He was already due in court on charges that he and a teammate, Toney Williams, tried to shoplift some Viagra.

First late night talk show host to reference this? Iím betting on Letterman of course, since he attended Ball State. Although the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Conan air a half an hour earlier. Leno and Chelsea Lately are at 7-1. Jimmy Kimmel at 10-1. Weíll update you on all their remarks as they come in.